The About page is the second most visited page on any given website (after the homepage, of course.)

Why don't we treat it that way?

Whether you call it About Us, Our Story, or something else entirely, most people consider the About page a minor footnote in the big book of building a baller website – not something to be invested in or leveraged.

Beyond sales copy and feature pages, your story is what sticks in customer minds. Your About page is how you share that story.

Let's do it right.

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Forge a connection with customers

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Engage with top talent

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Tell your story


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Inspire investors & media


I can help with that, by the way.

I want to help you accomplish all of the above. With my About Page Package, you'll get a ready-made batch of services to help turn your About page into a competitive advantage.


What's included?

Intro call

We'll dive into where your About page stands now, as well as your thoughts, needs, and goals for the project


Up to 4 interviews with your team, investors, customers, or any combination you choose


Wonderful, amazing About page copy, ready for consumption


Two rounds of edits, so you fall head over heels for your new story


 A little about me

I'm passionate about passion. I love listening to founders and early employees talk about their why, love hearing the backstory behind tomorrow's household names, the inspiration behind a dream.

Once I hear your story, I'm in. Down the rabbit hole and around the corner.

That's why I want to help you tell that story – to help you speak directly to customers, in their language, and meet prospects where they are.

I write to tell your customers the story they've been waiting to hear. I write to help you forge a connection.